Common Pancreatic Cancer Causes

Common Pancreatic Cancer Causes:

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There are no official preventive measures that can be taken to ensure you won’t develop pancreatic cancer. However, by being aware about the most common pancreatic cancers you will find yourself in a better position since you can at least suspect the disease if you start developing its symptoms.

Knowing the pancreatic cancer causes can also assist your doctors if they have to make pancreatic cancer diagnosis. With the being said, learn about the pancreatic causes by reading more about them below:

  • Race– First on the list of pancreatic cause is race. African men and women are at greater risk of developing disease.
  • Weight– Weight is one the pancreatic cancer cause that a person can actually do something about. If they do, they decrease their risk of developing the disease, for overweight people tend to be more at risk than their thin counterparts. It should be noted that it doesn’t matter how much extra weight a person is carrying. Overweight people and obese people both are equally at risk for getting pancreatic cancer.
  • Pre-existing conditions– Certain conditions have been known to trigger pancreatic cancer. Specifically these conditions are for diabetes and hereditary pancreatitis. Diabetes is a condition in which one’s insulin levels are not normal. Whether they are too low to too high, it results in pancreatic cancer later in a person’s life, even if it’s temporary which the case with gestational diabetes is.
  • Hereditary pancreatitis– This is a rare condition in which a person gets chronic pancreatitis, which is very painful inflammation of the pancreas. Perhaps the disease makes the pancreas more susceptible to abnormal tumor growth because it is puts the organ through high level of stress already. Either way, if you do suffer from hereditary pancreatitis, you will want to especially be on the lookout for pancreatic cancer symptoms.
  • Smoking– Smoking is another cause that can be controlled; even it’s difficult for one that has become addicted to it. And while may think smoking puts the lungs more at risk, statistics reveals that the practice makes one just as prone for developing pancreatic cancer. Specifically, smokers are two or three times more likely to get pancreatic cancer. And of all the pancreatic cases that are out there, one in three will involve a victim who is a smoker. So, the ultimate lesson is if you’re smoking find a way to stop it. This is especially the case if any of the other 4 pancreatic cancer causes discussed in this article apply to you.

Now, don’t panic if you find any of this pancreatic cancer causes apply to you. Just because you possess one or more risk factors that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll develop the disease. Try your best to keep your overall health in order by exercising and eating a healthy diet, especially one food is known to be cancer-fighting agents, (such as broccoli). This won’t guarantee you’ll be fully protected against pancreatic cancer, but it will make your body in a better position to fight off elements that may promote tumor growth.

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