Signs and Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer:

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Pancreatic cancer is also known as Silent cancer because it has been seen that its early symptoms are vague and unrecognizable. However, you can see the symptoms present early in several cases. Here is some pancreatic cancer symptom to watch out for:

Major pancreatic cancer symptoms include:

  • Painless jaundice which includes itching, dark color urine and yellow eyes and skin. it majorly linked to obstruction in bile duct.
  • Weight loss which is unexplained and significantly seen
  • Abdominal pain

Other symptoms include:

  • Upper abdomen pain which reaches out to the back and is persistent and new. It is relieved when you lean forward
  • Back ache
  • Diabetes which is new and not connected to weight gain
  • Abdominal discomfort and poor indigestion
  • Appetite loss
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Pain while eating
  • Fatty stool with foul smell and pale color

Everyone doesn’t experience these symptoms. For instance, those who have a tumor in their body may not have painless jaundice. These symptoms can also have other reasons and thus they aren’t reliable completely.

The Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms- Fully Explained

Pain in the upper back and abdomen

Around 70 percent of the people suffering from pancreatic cancer majorly visit the doctor because of the initial pain. This pain is mainly described as the starting in the belly area and it expands around to the upper back area (possibly the area where a woman ties her bra strap)

This pain gets worse when you’re lying down rather than sitting up. Generally the major reason for this ache is the tumor is getting pressed against your spine and abdomen.


Half of the pancreatic cancer patients experience yellowing of the skin and eye whites when they first visit a doctor. This is majorly a jaundice call. It is related to the tumor which causes blockage of the bile duct which further leads to bile juice buildup in the liver.

Jaundice is more easily noticed in the whites of the eyes and if it gets worsens it may cause itching of the skin.


Most of the patients have also stated that they have experienced mood swings before their diagnosis. Small to severe depression can be noticed in the initial stages of pancreatic cancer. This is the reason if you haven’t experienced chronic bouts of depression previously should convey their worry to their GP.  It may prove to be a major highlight of the cancer in the primary stage.

Bowel change

A pancreatic tumor can also lead to bowel disturbance which means that the food you’re consuming isn’t getting absorbed well. This will lead to constant large bowel movements of foul smelling and pale stool. It can also result in weight loss.


Diabetes majorly occurs due to insulin deficiency which is a product of pancreas. A tumor can prohibit the production of insulin in the pancreas leading to commencement of diabetes in the initial stage of pancreatic cancer.

You can also have diabetes if you pass more urine than the normal quantity, feel thirsty more often and have low energy.

These are some of the pancreatic cancer symptoms. In case, you experience any, do not hesitate in visiting your doctor as soon as possible.

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